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Royal Rules: How to sparkle like Markle....

Just like Kate before her, Meghan Markle is under intense scrutiny every time she steps out of Kensington Palace. Like her soon-to-be sister-in-law, everything she wears seem to sell out within hours.What we love here at, is that she is best known for the gorgeous collection of bags she carries! Is she breaking the royal rules though, or just making up some of her own

We love the huge Everlane Tote she carried to the Invictus Games pre engagement, and the Strathberry crossbody she wore to Scotland in her early days of official duties, yet now we are seeing her more often with small bags with clutch handles. Why is this? Royal women rarely carry a shoulder bag, let alone a crossbody. This is partly because they have aides and ladies-in-waiting hold things for them, they really do not need to carry anything at all.  The princes adopt a stance of clasping their hands behind their back; the royal women have something small to hold in front of them to occupy their hands. The Duchess of Cambridge has a huge array of clutches in various colours and sizes, as did the late Princess of Wales. Kate normally holds a clutch to make it easier to avoid awkward encounters at engagements of having to shake hundreds of people’s hands.

Meghan Markle has not so far adopted the clutch but smaller bags with clutch handles. Is she following royal protocol or setting her own style rules? We think her mini bags with handles are a great modern version of a clutch – and they fit more in too!

To celebrate all things royal this season, we are launching our version of this latest royal trend without slavishly copying. We've got two gorgeous royal style handbags – each with cute grab handles like Meghan’s. They come with an extra shoulder strap for practicality for us lesser mortals, and they will hold more items too.

The Meghan is the larger at 32cm x 23cm with compartments to boot, and enough for a full day at the office and then a statement at any party.  Meghan's little sister Meg (Harry’s nickname for his bride-to-be) is small enough to be the clutch at a wedding or spring party but still packs a punch at 28cm x 21cm. Both are made in Florence in our quality Italian leather and are a practical and affordable way to rock the latest British style.

Click here to view the Meghan £75.00                                                                                                            Click here to view the Meg £59.00 


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