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About Rosamund

Rosamund only deals with high quality Italian handbags made with real leather. We make sure the materials of your bag are genuine quality. If you're spending your hard-earned money handbags rank at the top of investment worth purchases. By your side at all times a great bag says a lot about the wearer and is an accessory that pays for itself many times over. It’s possible to find a stylish bag that lasts for years without breaking the bank.

Choosing Only the Finest Bags

Quality is of paramount importance to us, and our knowledgeable team select and inspect every bag to ensure they meet our exceedingly high standards. In fact, we travel to Florence, Italy, ourselves in order to make sure each bag is in the best possible condition. The quality of the leather is something we pay great attention to, as low-quality leather often starts to show signs of wear and tear quickly. Thanks to our thorough quality control methods, you are sure to receive a bag that lasts for years to come

Style and Practicality

If you’re looking to be combine style, quality and affordabilty , you can be sure that one of our bags will be the perfect fit for you. At Rosamund, we not only do glamour, but also functionality, with bags that are all durable, well-made, and produced from the finest materials. What’s more, by having such a diverse product range, we offer bags for every occasion.

 at Rosamund now to discover which Italian bag is the perfect addition to your collection.

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Authentic Bags Made in Italy

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