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Top Ten Tips for buying your next bag

Top Ten Tips

Top 10 Tips to look out for to make the most of your handbag investment

1. Go Small – smaller bags can cost less especially when it comes to a luxury like leather opt for a clutch or small shoulder bag in order to get your fix.

2. Shop by shape: when in doubt go for structure. A crisp shoulder bag can take you from office to evening, whilst a sleek tote always looks polished and professional, remember that structured satchels tend to look more sophisticated and expensive than slouchier bags.

3. Keep it real whenever possibly opt for the real deal when it comes to fabric.
Quality designers will always indicate when an item is made with genuine leather If you don’t spot a label inside declaring genuine leather you can be sure that it is not.

4. Check the hardware- bags with too much embellishment can automatically look cheap- especially when it comes to flimsy hardware check for solid zips, clasps and secure stitching.

5. Colour – metallic can appear too shiny and bright colours don’t wear as well.
Remember that white, cream and beige bags can get dirty easy, Black, navy and chocolate brown are good options if you are worried about keeping your bag free from ink marks or dirt.

6. Knock-offs are a no no, iconic bag from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes boast quality craftsman ship and detailing that has earned them their place at the top with a price tag to match. They are often copied but try to avoid falling into this trap, they rarely feel or look anywhere as good as the genuine article. They can give the impression you're trying too hard.

7.  Stitching everywhere- cheap brands try to pass off obvious stitching as a design detail. Quality is all about subtlety.

8. Is faux leather waterproof? No. It is water resistant not waterproof due to the plastic coating on the top

9. A non leather bag is not as long lasting - it can split from wear and tear and lose its sheen. Leather is like a good wine - it just gets better with age, especially if you look after it well.

10. Check your new bag by its feel and smell - nothing beats the smell or feel of a quality leather bag

Rosamund sources the finest selection of bags from Italy and supply them to our customers throughout the UK. Based in the London area, we strive to beat the prices found in the shops, so you can always expect a good deal from us. Each order is lovingly hand packed by our team, ensuring that it is safe and protected during its journey to arrive in mint/optimum condition.
Quality is of paramount importance to us, and our knowledgeable team select and inspect every bag to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards. Our suppliers in Florence, Italy, ensure each bag is in the best possible condition. The quality of the leather is something we pay great attention to, as low-quality leather often starts to split and show signs of wear and tear quickly. Thanks to our thorough quality control methods, you are sure to receive a bag that lasts for years to come.